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TREKZ TITANIUM: a great pair of headphones for active people.

I have been using these headphones for about 2 months right now and I will cut it short for you: If you are an active person, like me that ever worried about your headphones cutting you out from the world specially on the streets, then you will love this pair of headphones.
These headphones do not go on or in your ears, they sit tight next to your ears on your cheek bones. They are lightweight and extremely comfortable. I remember wearing other type of headphones on this position specially if I was in the office or in places where I wanted to be aware of what was going on. These headphones do just that but in a better way. Music is clear,  at first the vibrations felt a bit different, but you get used to it by the second or third day.
It is great to be able to run in the city and be aware of cars, people or directions. These headphone were definitely designed for active people, they are sweat-proof and look great.
you can learn more about them here:…


PHYSICLOis the first line of compression tights with built-in resistance bands to help you train harder and smarter than ever. These revolutionary workout clothes feature layers of special elastics to engage key leg muscles and take your training to the next level.

PHYSICLO combines compression pants with resistance bands to challenge your body and help you engage your muscles more, burn extra calories, and maximize workout results. 

The resistance comes from strong, custom elastic bands and panels that are integrated within multiple layers inside our workout pants. Each panel is designed to cover a specific target muscle group.  As the legs swing around the hip, these panels become stretched and counteract that motion, requiring the muscles to generate more power. This increases in effort and energy you spend, resulting in a higher caloric burn and better training results.

Physiclo resistance leggings help you enhance your lower body workouts and maximize results. Training with Physiclo…

Bodyweight Exercise: Perfect for vacation time. Better with added resistance tights by Physiclo.

Staying on track with your fitness goals can be difficult while on vacations. This doesn't really have to be the case. Whenever I go on vacation I try to pack up my ab-roller wheel, some rubber resistance bands and my running shoes. But since last year I have added one item to my "travel fit" item list: Resistance tights by Physiclo.
Training with Physiclo's revolutionary workout gear challenges your body to work harder, boosting heart rate and calories burned by up to 14%. The extra push you get from training with Physiclo compression pants activates key muscles like the hamstrings, quads, and glutes by an additional 23%.

I  usually begin the workout with a mile run or a couple sprints to warm up, then perform a series of bodyweight exercises. The workout here is perfect to do it at the beach before getting into the water. It will take you about 25 minutes. The added resistance with Physiclo will actually make your workout time be work 35-45 minutes, Baaam you will wo…

Know your shape. Know your style.

I'm back at reading, writing and reporting. Definitely going back to sharing more about lifestyle. After all that's what health and fitness life is about; being well rounded on all aspects of life. I you are looking to be a bodybuilder perhaps this won't be for you, but if you want to be up to date in all aspects of life, then welcome. Today I am sharing with you some visuals from #GQ magazine. Let me know what you think.