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Mexico City 21K - 1st of 4 halves this Year

Mexico City, May 6, 2018. There is not a better place to begin the season. It was the beginning of a season I really wasn't sure what would be about. I definitely knew what I needed to do to make it through!

I learned that it is common practice using a race to train for another race and since I started training with Adidas Runners NYC I have been running 9+ miles every Saturday that is why when my friend GG, who actually is the one who got me into this running fever all together, told me about the possibility of getting us into Mexico City half marathon I pushed for it. training began and we got ready!
Mexico is an incredible country I love the food, I love the music, and people are great. Funny thing, it seems in Mexico City they are not used to see many black people roaming around, and definitely not running a half marathon filled with mostly locals. It was incredible.

The only challenge was the altitud so getting started was somewhat hard, but I would say the second half was j…

Never give up!

These words have never been more needed by me than today. This year I put myself through an incredible journey that has become nearly imposible to complete: I decided to run 4 half marathons and 4 full marathons this year tp "celebrate" my 40th birthday.

This might have also been one of my biggest mistake given the mental and physical strains that have come with it. All the way up to half marathon and marathon number 3 I felt great and invincible. The story has not been the same for the last 3-4 weeks. I have just 26.2 miles to go. one more marathon to complete my journey.

This week I will take one NYC marathon in a celebratory way. I will not run for time, and I have convinced myself, that for my own good is very this way. I am not 18 anymore. :D but it has been an incredible experience.

This week I will write an entry on this blog about each one of the 8 races, because I want to go over I went through each one, as a testament of the process I have gone through during this…